Heater Sales Has Heating Systems for Every Type of Industry

Because Western Canada gets cold. REALLY cold.


From air movers to flame-producing torches and so much more, let Heater Sales help protect your people and property from the ravages of cold weather.

Oil & Gas

By its nature, Western Canada's energy extraction companies work in every type of weather including during frigid Alberta winters.  Contact Heater Sales & Service for the heating technology to suit your operation including safety-rated flameless models.


Contact Heater Sales & Service for heating equipment widely used in the mining industry for a variety of resource extraction applications, including slope heat, shaft heat, conveyor heat and many more areas where temperature control is critical.


The agriculture sector requires clean, dry conditions for their critters to reduce disease, even when in transit. Contact Heater Sales & Service  to access portable equipment that will provide a warm, dry environments for all your creatures great and small.

Power Plants

Contact Heater Sales & Service to provide temporary, portable heat for the power plant industry. Our heaters provide much needed warmth during temporary shut downs and routine maintenance.  Our heaters are  available with many fuel options as well as electric-powered units. Some even feature dual power options.


Construction workers on unserviced jobsites routinely face extremely cold conditions that threaten their safety and cause premature wear and damage to expensive equipment. Contact Heater Sales & Service and then watch your productivity increase while wear and tear on your equipment decreases.

Municipalies and other Government Operations

Governments of every level, from small towns to federal departments have personnel and infrastructure that both require protection from the cold of the elements. Contact Heater Sales & Service  to learn how we can help with keeping services running for your community or department.

Other Industries

Don't see your industry listed? Units from Heater Sales & Service can be found all over the world, doing all sorts of jobs. Simply Contact Heater Sales & Service  and we'll be happy to discuss your heating and cooling needs. Wherever you need it, we can heat it.


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