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Indirect Fired Dual Fuel Heater

Flagro Indirect Fired Heaters - 400 Series

Indirect Fired Heater

Even more heat when and where you need it

The 400 series is just as reliable as the 200, with even greater heating capacity at up to 390,000 btuh. The 42 gallon tank on the FV0-400 can run for up to 14 hours, burning just 2.75 gallons per hour. FVO-400 weighs in at 450 lb and has two 16" pneumatic wheels. The FVN-400 (natural gas) and the FVP-400 (propane) weigh 365 lb and require external fuel tanks. All three models measure 70" long x 29" wide x 52" high. They come with two 12" air outlets and an optional third 16" outlet.

  • Indirect fired heat exchanger allows external exhaust of combustion products

  • Standard steel lifting harness

  • Heavy-duty pneumatic tubed tires

  • Slim design for easy site mobility and transportation

  • Dual Fuel Heater - change from gas to gas with a ball valve



FVNP-400 Operating Instructions Manual

FVNP-400 Parts List

G400 LP/NG Burner Parts Diagram

FV-400 Series Wiring Schematic 2011

FV Series Wiring Diagram

Part # FVNP-400

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