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Indirect Fired Heater

FVNP-750TR Self-Contained Heat and Light Trailer



FV-750TR Indirect Fired Heaters in Self-contained Trailers

Two models to choose from:



Both models feature a primer and powder-coated finish, are DOT approved and include all signal and marker lights.

The FVNP trailer has a single axle with 15" rims and radials.
The FVO trailer has a dual axle with 15" rims and radials and includes second axle brakes. On-board 180 US gallon tank with 110% containment is included. FVO has a 30-hour run time at constant fire with no thermostat, a Tiger Loop fuel draw and priming systems standard, a 4" C-Channel framed to protect the fuel tank and a 4" spout with anti-splash insert.

FVO and FVNP heaters feature a 130º F temperature rise at 7,000 cfm, created by reverse inclined blower. They are ductable up to 200 ft. and equipped with VFD controls, allowing for a soft start, which regulates fan speed, power and power draw on start up or shut down. 1 phase and 3 phase, 208-230V power supply connections are standard and both models are equipped with dual 16" inlets and outlets.

The proven Flagro heat exchanger design includes fully welded, 16 g 304 stainless steel.

Printable Spec Sheet

Model FVO-750 TRFC FVNP-750TR
  OIl Dual Fuel - LP/NG
Heat Capacity 750,000 btuh 750,000 btuh
Temperature Rise 130º F 130º F
Heat Exchanger 16 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel 16 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel
Fan Motor 7.5 hp 7.5 hp
CFM 7,000 ctm 7,000 ctm
Fan Control VFD Standard VFD Standard
Ignition Direct Spark Ignition Direct Spark Ignition
Nozzle Size / Gas Pressure 4.5x60W @ 160 psi Propane - 1.5" W.C.
Natural Gas - 2.2" W.C.
Air Outlet Two 16" diameter Two 16" diameter
Air Inlet Two 16" diameter Two 16" diameter
Power Requirement 1 ph/208-230v
or 3ph/208-230v
1 ph/208-230v
or 3ph/208-230v
Amperage Draw 18 amp @ 1ph 18 amp @ 1ph
14 amp @ 3ph 14 amp @ 3ph
Approvals cETLus cETLus
Weight 2,980 lb 1,900 lb

Part # FVNP-750TR

Type Indirect Fired Heaters
Heat Capacity
LP/NG Hose Assembly
Fuel Capacity / Run Time
Fuel Type Oil
Power Requirements 1 Phase 208-230V (18 AMP Draw)
Fan Motor / Air Circulation
Fan Control N/A
Heat Exchanger 16 Ga 304 Stainless Steel
Ignition Direct Spark
Nozzle Size / Pump Pressure
Standard Air Outlet 1 x 12" Dia
Optional Air Outlet 1 x 12" Dia
Air Inlet 1 x 12" Dia
Wheels Kit
Dimensions / Weight
Approvals cETLus
Standard Outlet Ducting FV-HD12 (12" x 12')
Optional Outlet Ducting FV-HD12 (12" x 12')
Return/Intake Ducting FV-HD12 (12" x 12')
Thermostat Control
Remote Thermostat FV-THB
Option FVO-TLS Tigerloop System
Vented Regulator
Ventless Regulator
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