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Welcome to Heater Sales & Service Inc. At HSS we supply a variety of different Heat options which include Indirect Fired, Flameless, Electric, Direct Fired, and Ground Thaw. As well as Torches, Air Movers, HiTex & UltraTex Ducting, Silver Giant Grills, Parts & Service! Whatever your job requires, you can count on us for quality products & service throughout Western Canada. See more at our Products page.

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Heater Sales Heats Up Cottage Life and Cabin Show

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Heater Sales is a proud Alberta retailer who offers products ...
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Portable Heaters

Electric, Indirect, Flameless or direct heat for your jobsite

Businessman Lee Gottschlich formed Heater Sales and Service Inc. several years ago when he realized there was a need in Western Canada for a distributor of portable heating systems. Much of the economy in Western Canada is resource-based, which means working outside, often in extreme weather conditions. Portable heaters are necessary both for the comfort and safety of employees and to prevent equipment and product from freezing.
Heater Sales and Service Inc. acts as a distributor of portable heaters, commercial barbecues and other products from Flagro Industries Limited.
Heater Sales and Sales Inc. is a proud member of the Canadian Rental Association.
  There are many industries that rely on portable heaters, including oil and gas, agriculture, construction, mining, power plants and painting.
There are plenty of models and styles of heaters available, such as indirect fired, flameless, direct fired and radiant. They run on diesel, natural gas, electricity, propane or oil. Many of their heaters are ductable, providing even more flexibility for your particular project.
Heater Sales and Service Inc. also sells accessories and related products, including air movers, ducting, thermostats, torches and barbecues.
Check out our product pages for more information on specific models and types of heaters and other products.