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Hybrid Grill - Natural Gas


Part # HG-NaturalGas

 The most versatile grill on the market is easy to store and boasts one of the largest grilling surfaces available. The HYBRID’s innovative technology combines the benefits of both traditional propane grilling and the wood smoker under one hood. Its easy-to-use functionality makes it a favorite among busy hosts

Series Cooking    Surface

Dimensions Open

Dimensions Close 

 Weight   Included 
Natural Gas 650 Square Inches 61"x59"x28"D 38"x45"x25"D 206 lbs A variety pack of pellets,
Grill Cover and
2 Cutting Boards


Series Temperature Range Fuel Type Grate Material BTU Ignition
Natural Gas

120F - 600F



Wood pellet

Porcelain Coated cast 32.000 BTU/HR Automatic


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